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How many calls are you required to take everyday as a call center agent?

Anybody works in the call center can let me know how many calls do you take everyday? What is the average length of each call? What happens if you are unable to meet the office target? Thank you.

It depends on what kind of call center. Different types of calls take a WIDE variety of different amount of time. For example, maybe you can take orders for a company in 7 minutes or less...

What do you call the highly decorated evergreen tree, a Christmas tree or a holiday tree?

Please explain why you call it what you call it. Best answer goes to the person who gives me the best explanation of why.

I call it a Christmas tree, because it originated from the decorated tree that Christians in northern Europe adapted from pre-Christian pagan rituals for use in Christmas celebrations.

What is the best time to call an employer during a job search?

Cold calling is part of job search. What is the best time to call the prospective employer?

If you must do a cold call, call an hour or so after work has begun. Usually, it's not the first thing in the morning when everyone is catching up on e-mail and phone messages.

Good luck!

Obama defends NSA call-tracking database

s call tracking program in the wake of the independent review group&rsquo. The president expressed his openness to one reform proposed recently by an independent panel he commissioned: having telephone companies store the data the government currently gathers on billions of calls made to, from and within the U. S. each day. re going to have to ask is can we accomplish the same goals that this program is intended to accomplish in ways that give the public more confidence that in fact the NSA is doing what it&rsquo. Mainly, Obama seemed eager not to give offense either to those with deep doubts about the program or to the NSA personnel who have been carrying it out. With many in Washington sounding the death knell for the NSA&rsquo. s ruling Monday that the program is likely unconstitutional, Obama was largely non-committal on the issue Friday. The question we&rsquo.
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Wisconsin do-not-call list offers permanent registration
Wisconsin do-not-call list offers permanent registration Another good change for consumers: Phone numbers are registered on the no-call registry by the next day. Wisconsin's list previously was updated only once per quarter. The consolidation of the lists is estimated to save taxpayers a couple hundred

FitzGerald cancels campaign stops after 2-year-old 911 'suspicious behavior ...
FitzGerald cancels campaign stops after 2-year-old 911 'suspicious behavior ... Fitzgerald released a statement from members of an Irish delegation calling a situation with a female delegate and the candidate an 'innocuous incident.' The statement says FitzGerald was driving delegate Joanne Grehan back to her hotel in 2012 at the 

Komando: 3 things to know about Do Not Call registry
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the second call in history took place later than evening, when a telemarketer rang up asking if a Mr. Dell lived at the residence and if he might want to buy some genuine snake oil. It seems like telemarketing and

'Better Call Saul' Creators Reveal New Details, Talk Timeline
The creators of the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul dropped a few more tantalizing details about the new series on Friday. In an appearance at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould dished

US Senators call on Goodell to give Rice harsher punishment
US Senators call on Goodell to give Rice harsher punishment sent letters to commissioner Roger Goodell calling for Rice to face a harsher punishment beyond the two-game suspension handed down by the league and considered too lenient by many critics. “The decision to suspend Mr. Rice for a mere two games 

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